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It's been an up and down ride this past year.  I lost my dog Kona at 3 1/2 years of age to cancer at the end of July.  Then I lost my eldest cat Sommersault of 16 years this early November.  We then purchased a new puppy Bella Smooches mid November.  The gardens got neglected but thanks to this mild winter/fall I have gotten back on track and managed to almost get all the weeding done.   There are many gardens besides the one that you see before you but not all contain Daylilies.  I have four acres to play with and am having fun designing the different areas of our property including a large spring fed pond stocked with Koi and fancy goldfish.  It's a work in progress as are all gardens...



Bella Smooches


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I had to re-do my website as the old version was unfortunately corrupted and I lost a lot of work. Please bear with me as I work to re-build the site and bring it back to hopefully something much better than it was before.

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